Tuesday, March 8


I got kidnapped. By my boyfriend. He drove to my apartment, in the clear daylight, and kidnapped me. I fell asleep and ended up in Duluth with a blue Monster in my hand. I am not upset at all.

Let me remind you that this is my spring break. 2011. unrated. It's getting crazy. So for all of you who are constantly clicking refresh on my blog page, waiting for their next dose of 'Kailee's World,' I am truly sorry ... I probs won't be posting a lot this week. I will as much as I can though, since I do love my computer and am obsessed with everything social. Wouldn't it be nice ... if I had an iphone? (I have heard rumors of the iPhone 5 coming out ... for Verizon with a 4g network. So... I think I should wait).

I just found out my parents bought a sauna. Thank you God almighty! I think my dad sat in every single sauna at the Home and Garden show this past weekend (which consisted of a lot of home and little garden ... disappointing). We were sitting in one of the saunas when he told me, "I want a sauna SO bad I could just ... just spit!" Mom texted me tonight and said, "Just bought a sauna so no spitting in our house!" Oh happy day!

Good luck to those of you who are conquering midterms week.

For those of you who are interested in the Quikpro 2011 happening ... Kelly Slater made it to semifinals and is in the first heat. Represent USA! The comp is currently on hold .. but stay tuned HERE.

p.s. This is my 100th post. Party ova hurrr.

peace and love.

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