Saturday, May 14


The man and me.

Beautiful black onyx/diamond ring from my mom.

Candy-filled owl!! I love him. And candy. Duh.

Motorcycle gear from dad :)

The fam minus sis.

I spent the following Monday after graduation at my apartment, which was way too lonely and quiet. So Tuesday I drove back to my parent's place. As soon as I got into town, I stopped at mom's work, where she instantly put me to some office/paper work, and helping out with kids at her daycare.

I then got an e-mail, asking to come back out to St. Paul and do some freelance PR for a musician. He is releasing his third album and needed help with data entry and mailings. Over the past three days, I have made a document consisting of over 430 press contacts, made address labels, prepared envelopes with stamps and labels, and mailed out 235 new albums. My mind has been turned to mush.

Last night and today I am babysitting my bro and his fiance's puppies. They are adorable. Oh yea, and their hedgehog. But he just sits around and doesn't really do much. At all. Ever. He hissed at me last night. Whatever.

Bro and fiance are in South Carolina visiting her parents. They are currently having some drinks while boogie boarding on the beach, which is directly out the back door of their place. My man is off in Seattle with his family.

I bought myself an iPhone to keep myself entertained. I had the hardest time figuring out how to make a freaking phone call. But I figured it out, downloaded a bunch of apps, and love it. And it's the new white one. I bought the most perfect wood case for it, and can't wait until it arrives. So message me if you want to get owned on 'Words with Friends' or follow me on Foursquare.

Tomorrow I get to head out to Chicago with mom to help my sis move to an off-campus apartment for her last year of college. I'm really hoping we can do some exploring and that the weather will work out. The past week has been filled with cardboard boxes, cleaning, packing, and trying to keep my life in order while living out of a suitcase.

I need a vacation. The mountains and surfing sounds great to me. Chicago will do for now.

peace and love.

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