Wednesday, July 13

Two Month Update

Seems kind of crazy that my last post, exactly two months ago from tomorrow, was about graduation. I wish I could say how exciting my life is with a great, amazing, salary-paid job doing marketing or events in an extreme sports company. However, I haven't got that far. Yet. However, even though the hassling and nagging of my parent's to find a job seems like it has been going on for five years, it has ONLY been two months since graduation. And I am fortunate enough to say that I AM able to start paying off incredibly expensive loans, and still enjoy my life. I am doing about one or two photoshoots per month, working at my hometown's school district day care, and am currently teaching private swimming lessons for this week and next week. And have picked up other jobs such as working at the upcoming WWA National's stop in Minneapolis at the Pro Wakeboard Tour's booth, and modeling for McNally Smith's new website.

On a side note, I have to say that all of this time spending with kids is extremely rewarding. I feel like I became so uptight and career-minded and no fun while crunching all of those hours into college. Which I don't regret, graduating with honors and a 3.53 GPA. But being back with kids has brought me back to my fun, easy-going, humorous self again, and I love it!

I started working out again to get ready for my brother's wedding ... which is in two months. And after tonight's run, I decided I should have started working out five months ago. Oops.

I hope your summers are going great!

peace and love.

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