Saturday, March 5

We Need Africa

We Need Africa Preview from Josh Hiben on Vimeo.

This is a video from my sister's recent trip to Africa. She ventured over with students from her school and spent 11 days being an inspiration in young orphan's lives. (You can read all about her adventures HERE). While there, the students realized that Africa does not need us, we are in need of Africa. We need to learn from their culture, community, how they cherish God in their lives, and so much more. Americans view Africa as this place of guerrilla-control and a risky environment. A place that is not safe and full of diseases. Yea, maybe they don't all have iphones and a 3g network, but they do have God and each other. And they know how to love and be happy, even if they are living in an orphanage with little food. Sometimes it is so easy to get wrapped up in all of the little things in our own worlds that it becomes harder to see beyond that. This summer, three students are on a mission to try and open the world's eyes.

 Josh Hiben and Teel Short are biking from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine for three months this summer. They will be stopping and talking to anyone who wants to share stories and listen about their adventures. Rather than preaching, the boys are on a mission to inspire and be inspired. Their trip is still in the baby-stages of development, however they have so much potential to plan and do great things.

These kinds of missions are so inspiring to me. I have a nab for traveling and mission trips so it makes me first, get jealous, then second, want to be involved. If I could get involved, here are some things I would offer advice on (it depends on how big of a deal you want to make it ... how many people you want knowing):
  • Get sponsors/donations (bikes, gear, clothes, food, etc.)
  • Contact local news stations
  • Blog daily ... it lets people travel with you
  • GPS updates
I look forward to hearing more of the plans for the trip and watching it evolve. You can check out more information HERE.

peace and love.


  1. Wow Kailee! Thanks for the blog. You make us sound like were doing something cool...which is reassuring. I feel re-inspired by what you wrote, and am glad that you felt charged by what we are doing!

  2. Is there a reason why the trip is advertised as representing Africa rather than the specific areas the student(s) visited and served in?

  3. I believe it is because when most people think of Africa, they think of hardship and negative thoughts. However, they will be sharing stories about the places that they visited and how not all of Africa is really as bad as it is thought up to be.