Friday, March 4

What's A Blu Dot Worth?

Blu Dot is a furniture company based out of Minneapolis who sells modern-looking furniture. Think of ikea, but actually stays together after a year. Here is why I think they are amazing. Blu Dot has had some of the best marketing strategies that I have heard of.
The first one:
Blu Dot couldn't afford a huge marketing campaign with tons of billboards, commercials, posters, yaddiyada. So they hired a local marketing company, flew them out to New York, and had them figure out how they could get people out on the East coast aware of their product. So this is what they did:

Now, Blu Dot has come out with another way to sway people to buy their products. Or, rather, earn their product. They are hosting an online swap meet. You can trade anything you feel is worth one of their lamps, couches, beds, pillows, tables, shelves, or desks. When I say anything, I mean anything. All you have to do is pick out a product, make an offer, watch people 'like' your bargain, and hope they will accept your swap. So far, people have traded in 'random acts of worm-ness' where they will go to 25 different public locations and videotape themselves doing the worm, a popsicle motorcycle, donating 250 pounds of dog food to a homeless shelter, a spork collection, putting on a 60-person Texas bbq feast, three months of web design for Blu Dot (this trade got a whole apartment set), and many more. Check it out HERE.

Not only does this get their product name out, but it shows that they are interested in their customers. It also helps by getting a feel for what their customers are interested in, so they can target their market in a more efficient way. Genius. It would be way neat to see more people offering things that benefit others ... like help with food shelves, animal shelters, schools, education, etc. Or helping out Blu Dot with strategies, marketing, photography, video, and any other talent you can come up with.

What's a Blu Dot worth to you?

peace and love.

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