Tuesday, February 22


Last night, Chase and I were bored from being snowed in all weekend and decided to go and catch a flick at the MOA theater. Since I have an SUV, I am considered one of the lucky ones during these end-of-the-world snowstorms. Being the very indecisive people we are, we viewed all of the movie descriptions, trailers, and star ratings. After about 45 minutes, we chose to go see Sanctum. It was amazing. Not only is it filled with adventure, love, and thrilling moments, but it is inspired by true events which makes any movie more real. I don't ever see myself searching for new caves, however spelunking would be one of the coolest things to do. It has been put on my bucket list. The only downer to the movie is that you see a lot of people drown, and I can't deny that I was nervous to take a shower afterwards. But I do recommend the movie to those of you who love adventure, suspense, and breath-taking scenery.

peace and love.

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  1. Spelunking is a ton of fun. If I ever go again, I'll let you know...