Monday, March 7

Quikpro Is Gettin' Sick Yo

I just watched the last 20 minutes of the third round (out of 5) in the Quiksilver Quikpro 2011 that is currently going on in Australia. After the five rounds, there are the quarters/semis and then the finals. The competition lasts from February 26 to March 9. However, it is already 4 pm tomorrow there ... so be aware of time change. As much as I wish I was an expert in surfing, I am far from it. I WILL learn to surf ... it is in the top five on my bucket list. I want to feel that connection with the wave. And live in my swimsuit every day. I already sleep in my swimsuit during the summer ... so I don't see why I wouldn't pick up the sport right away. You can watch the live stream HERE.

Taj Burrow just got first in the third round. This is him:

Taj Burrow and Friends - i surf because short film from Billabong on Vimeo.

Some of the bands that are performing are:
Just a lil' taste of summer for yo ears.

peace and love.

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