Monday, March 14

I'm Almost A Big Kid Now

One of my good girlfriends from home is engaged! I have no idea of the date of the wedding yet .. but I am up to three 2011 summer weddings. Maybe this will be a fourth? I am so happy for the two and it's kind of the situation where everybody is like, "finally!" It gets to that point since they have been dating for six or seven years.

And another one of my good girlfriends is preggo with an eggo! I can't wait to spoil the heck out of that kid. Her and baby daddy are going to be wonderful parents and I am so so happy for them.

After $150, lots of late nights, an "Endless Summer" marathon, snowboarding, swimsuits, being betted on, driving to the Canadian border, and listening to "Dream Weaver" 32940832 times .. Spring break is over and I graduate in one month. Holy moly.

This whole growing up thing is getting crazy.

I started my one-month tanning package today and then I spent the day laying around ... Spring Break 2011 got me sick. After my shells mac-n-cheese with a hot dog cut up in it and hot sauce, and of course a Diet Coke, I am starting to feel better. I can not wait to watch the season finale of the Bachelor! We all know he is in love with Emily ... but those reality shows tend to mess with your mind and try to do the unexpected.

Getting back into the shwing of school stuff is tough. I wouldn't mind another week of spring break. Especially with this 40-50 degree weather outside.

peace and love.

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