Thursday, February 17

The Skimpier, The Better

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue just came out two days ago, and is currently the number two selling magazine. Their annual subscription sale used to be around 1.3 million. In 2010, they sold 300,000 copies. So what did they do this year? They are releasing an app for the iphone, one for free and one that costs $1.99. With the more expensive app, you will receive 600 photos, 150 videos, profiles on all of the models, links to the swimsuit brands (because we all know that is the reason we look at SISI), and much more. The free app will give the same content, but not as much. Our world is obsessed with sex.

Tonight, my teacher related pornography to the music industry, as well as the comedy industry. Porn is becoming increasingly popular and makes millions of dollars. Why? Because it is easy to get at, anyone can make it, people are naturally sexual, people are interested in it, and it's free. All of those same reasons apply to the music world as well (besides the whole sexual part). So if there's so much of it (talking about music now), how do we make artists become famous? For an artist to become interesting, they have to:
  • Have a unique/attractive style
  • Have an interesting background
  • Make unusual/appealing noises
  • Have a stand on political issues
  • Their lyrics have to make sense and be interesting
  • Their band has to be interesting (such as The White Stripes who decide they are all going to wear red, or black, or white, and match their amps to their clothing-color choice)
  • They have to actually have talent and be easy on the ears
  • They have to know how to target their audience and draw a crowd (by doing all of the things above)
  • Maybe they come from a weird town
  •  ...
  •  ...
  •  ...
People don't know your story until you tell them.  This is exciting. There are so many ways for artists  to, not only get attention, but gain attention. Depending on how active an artist is with their fans, and how much talent and all other things they have to offer, any person can really make it big. It all depends on when you get your stuff out there, and who is listening to it at that right time.

McNally Smith College of Music recently put on an "Express Your Talent" competition. Students of the college, as well as 'outsiders' made videos and posted them onto McNally Smith's Facebook page wall. The competitors then had to do everything they could possibly do to get people to go and 'like' their video. The top 5 winners were selected out of the most 'likes' and then random judges would pick the top 3. First place received $1000, Second place received an ipad, and Third place received an ipod touch. The top 5 winners were chosen yesterday, and we are to stay tuned for further details. You can check out the competition by visiting McNally Smith College of Music's facebook page. Off of the side note about the competition, one student was sitting around in his dorm, his roommate handed him a guitar and was told to make a video for the competition. The student made the video and uploaded it immediately. A few weeks went by and this student was contacted by a very well-known artist in the twin cities area. This known artist had seen the student's guitar video and was amazed. This student now has recording contract deals and is going on tour with this famous artist.

So find what you're good at, take off your layers, and make it known to the world. If you want it to be your career, go after it. Someone will be impressed.

peace and love.

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