Friday, February 18

What's A Radiohead?

Radiohead took over the after-shock of the Grammy's (if there is any of that) and announced their new album, the day after the Grammy's aired. The album is titled The King of Limbs. Now, when most albums come out, it takes about a year after promote it, release a few single tracks, get everyone pumped up for it. However, King of Limbs will be out Saturday. TOMORROW. Not only that, but they have just announced that you can purchase it today, a full 24 hours ahead of schedule. Not only is this a crazy way to sell the album, but the album is being called the first "Newspaper Album." What's a "Newspaper Album?" It's a package that sells for $53 ($43 if you opt out of the WAV version) and includes 2 10-inch vinyls, a CD, 625 tiny pieces of artwork, some mp3 downloads, and a full-color piece of oxo-degradable to hold it all together. The discs and vinyls will ship May 9, while the downloads will be available February 19th.

In October 2007, Radiohead released an album titled Rainbows. It was available on their website and was completely FREE, letting fans pay what they wanted to for the album; what they thought it was worth. They initially netted an average of $8 per album. The album became available on iTunes for $9.99 two months later.

Radiohead is a group of geniuses. What? Geniuses? Yes. They don't ignore the failing music business industry. They are working against it, to not only create uniqueness, but make money. They don't know if their ideas are going to work. That's why the 'Newspaper Album' won't be shipped out to you until May 9. They haven't made them because they don't know who is going to buy them. But, they are offering it, unlike 99% of all other bands. They are being brave in one of the riskiest industries. Intelligent.

Here is the fist single off of their new King of Limbs album:

peace and love.

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