Thursday, February 10

He's Mine

I'm going to Duluth today. I just decided this morning. It's the weekend of love ... and I need to be with my Valentine. Thank you, Lord, that it is going to be warm. We will probs shred some gnar. Snowboarding makes me feel very gangster. I can't deny it. We might also go to this little cabin that we went to with his family in the fall. It's romantic. And beautiful. And we will probably make out A LOT. I can't wait. He's the best. His opinion on Valentine's Day: "Why is there only one day where I have to tell you and show you how much I love you? Can't I do that every day?" Yes, babe. You can. And you do. And you do it very well. To all you ladies out there who say you have the best boyfriend EVER and he's SO amazing and is THE perfect man. I'm sorry ... you don't. I do.

peace and love.

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