Wednesday, February 9

Coffee Day

Today was a coffee day.

I met with Joe from the City of St. Paul to begin more of my Events and Promotion Internship. He gave me an assignment: to search EVERYTHING and find all of the events happening between this Friday, February 11th and next Friday, February 18th. The assignment is due at 9:30 am when he calls me tomorrow morning. Of course I said I had plenty of time. I always have time. For everything. Little did he know that I had class from 10:30 until 3:00. And then a meeting at 4:00. And then more class from 4:30-6. And then a huge online accounting assignment due by 11:00 pm. I stayed after my accounting class to ask some questions about the homework, and the teacher, who now became one of the greatest teachers ever, moved the homework's due date to next Monday. THANK YOU!! I think I'm going to make him an award that he can hang on his fridge. I think I told him thank you a billion times and that he just made my life 20% easier ... which is a lot in my world. Before class he asked how my day was going and I told him all of the stuff I had going on. So thank you. thank you. thank you.

However, I did still manage to grab some coffee after my meeting with Joe, and before all of these classes started. I HAD to prepare for the day that lied ahead of me. I usually prefer drinking hot tea over coffee. Coffee makes my pee smell. Bad. And I get all shaky and my eyes and head feel weird all day. But, it gives me energy for a few hours. And I look cool with a Caribou cup in my hand.

Medium mocha, please.

peace and love.

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