Wednesday, February 2

Here's To Four Months

Chase and I celebrated our 4-month anniversary with our favorite things. It was on January 23rd, so this news is a little delayed. So sorry if you were anticipating pictures of the event and were anxiously awaiting for the news on our evening. After getting lectured on spending too much money on eating out at Wakame (our favorite happy hour sushi restaurant), we decided to get some from Lund's. Neither of us have bought sushi from a grocery store, but we have heard it's good so we thought we might as well give it a try. We ended up spending more than we would have eating out and it wasn't half as good. But it's sushi. And we love sushi. So we ate most of it, and watched Knocked Up. I don't know about you, but this was a great way to spend four months of being in love.

p.s. if you like seafood, try eating Oysters on a Wheat Thin with some Hot Sauce. mmmm. 

peace and love.

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