Wednesday, February 2

Thank You Mr. Groundhog

Happy Groundhog's Day!! I think this is one of the only 'holidays' where we don't really do anything besides watch an animal look for its shadow. There's no decorating, baking cakes, drinking wine, dressing up ... and how can we determine the season forecast by a shadow? What if there are too many people standing around, blocking the sun? Or a cloud suddenly covers the sun? And why Pennsylvania? Aren't they supposed to get snow today? If you ask me, the poor animal looks freaked out of his mind. Whatever ... all I know is that the groundhog did not see his shadow. Meaning .. Winter is almost over!!! I do love winter and how it allows me to put on my baggy, bright-colored clothes, and feel like a gangster while I'm shredding the slopes. But, I'm ready to take these layers off and put on a dress with flip-flops. I hate socks. And shoes that cover my feet. Thank you Mr. Groundhog for not seeing your shadow.

Apparently the video got disconnected because too many people were viewing it. The big moment happens around 4:08.

peace and love.

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