Friday, February 4

Smelling Eachother Out

Today was a good day.

It's sunny. Snow is melting. I know the weather does this every year though. It gets nice and warm and Mr. Sun melts the snow and makes everything yucky and brown, and then it gets cold and dumps feet of snow on us. And then repeat that 5 times. Every spring. But hey, it's still sunny today. That's all that matters.

I met with a band member from Dreamchyld, as well as their manager, to talk about a photoshoot. I can't give away details, but it's going to be the coolest photoshoot ever. Just saying..

I had my first ever meet & greet with the company Hearing Components. They make comply foam tips, which attach onto your current ear buds, which you and I both know those current ear buds always fall out of your ears when you do any sort of activity. Not only do the comply foam tips actually stay in your ear, but they are compatible with pretty much every single ear bud that you can imagine. The company also work with the military, police teams, and as they call it, 'music nerds' (aka producers and engineers).  The foam tips are made out of memory foam, are super comfortable, and have great noise isolation. The company is great. I believe we had great chemistry and the meet-n-greet makes me want to go to meet-n-greets all the time. For those of you who don't know what a meet-n-greet is, it is where the people who are hiring 'smell out' the candidates and narrow those out to bring back again to get interviewed. I can brag and say that I am one of the few that got selected out of the many to come in for round 1 and 'get smelled.' So you can high-five me for that. They are exactly the type of company that I would love to work with as soon as I graduate... maybe even start some before I graduate. I have so many ideas that I want to share with them about ways to 'social media-ize' their company. We can only hope that I am what they are looking for. If not, it was a great experience and I learned a lot about a great company, as well as the headphone/ear bud industry.

peace and love.

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