Tuesday, September 14

Water Activities

"I love to wakeboard. It's not cold. I love to wakeboard. It's not cold."

"I feel like my whole life has revolved around water balloons."

Some people just know exactly how to make me happy. I had an extremely relaxing weekend and it was one of the best weekends yet. Consisted of a lot of water activities: water balloons, hot tubbing, surf movies, and hanging out at the wakeboard cable park .. I haven't been able to just sit around and do nothing and be perfectly content with it in a long time, months. Things are changing in my life. And I'm not upset about it.

This is currently my last first whole week of fall classes. I love taking voice lessons. I have a half-hour session each week and my first song for this semester is "Ave Maria" by Beyonce. I'm looking forward to making it my own. My internship starts tomorrow. Check them out! www.redhouserecords.com .

I'm not a huge fan for my job ... I'm a PCA for a lady with Parkinson's. I love helping people and it's really good money. However, she is very demanding and strict on the way things go .. more like OCD. Sometimes we have a good time though. For example, last night we jammed out to Lady Gaga and she looked at my pictures of the concert three times.

This weather is not exciting .. I want summer back. I don't like wearing jeans. Or a sweatshirt. Let's all walk around naked. The world would be a much happier place. Well, some people should keep clothes on.

peace and love.

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