Wednesday, September 8

Back to School ... To Prove To Dad I'm Not A Fool

Today was the second day of classes. It's weird ... I love McNally sooo much. But I was really dreading this week. This is the first time I have not wanted to go to class since I started this school. It might be because now I have a 15-minute drive to school, or a 20-minute walk from my parking lot, or that I'm taking 9 classes (17 credits) plus 11 hours of an internship plus 17 hours of work per week, or that I just got out of summer classes three weeks ago ... and it's only Wednesday. I think the only thing getting me out of bed tomorrow is knowing that I have a visitor coming.

On another note, I am starting an internship at Red House Records next Wednesday and am REALLY looking forward to it! I will be working on marketing and promotions, and hopefully dipping into some event management/planning. Red House Records is a pretty well-known folk/bluegrass label based in St. Paul with grammy-award winning artists. Check them out here! :

What I've been thinking lately:
Friends are important. Losing a loved one is hard. Break-ups make us stronger and they are overcomeable. Life throws things at us unexpectedly. My family always knows what is best and how to say it. Sometimes, the most unexpected things are the best things. Some people are meant to be together. Some people are not. Love slowly. Guard your heart. Learn fast and don't regret. Don't jump into things if you want them to last .. if you believe that it can last. Don't ever stop playing. Don't ever stop believing.

peace and love.

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