Monday, September 27

Change. Change. Change.

Sorry I haven't updated. I feel like I don't even have time to breathe anymore. I've been super busy and can't sit still when I don't have anything to do. Life is insane. But, it's a blast.

I don't remember where I left you off at ... so I'll just begin with last weekend. I went up north to a town about 30 minutes from Duluth with the lady I am a PCA for. It was a tough weekend, but I get lots of moola! I have been patiently WAITING for her to paint a picture of me. And she finally did! The weather was chilly but the cabin was so neat. We stayed at her friend/neighbor's place which has panel-heating and a fireplace. So we were pretty cold for a while and got eaten by mosquitoes. I haven't really noticed the seasons changing until I went up there. We saw two beautiful sunsets that lit up the sky with bright greens, purples, and pinks, and the leaves were in full color. It was amazing, relaxing, and rejuvenating. We were gypsies for the weekend. She loves my hippie-style and when I wear headbands.

I wasn't feeling too well after this trip, but I have learned to love hot tea and I truly believe it has cured my sickness. I still have headaches every day, but when don't I have that?

The internship has been going well. I don't really enjoy just sitting at a computer and putting in data, but it's good for the resume and that is what is going to get me through it. I can't wait til I can get some experience in event planning.

I have a man in my life. I like him a lot. a lot. a lot. a lot. It's different knowing someone for 6 years and then dating them. I've never dated a friend before. It's awesome. It's easy being with him. I don't ever have any negative thoughts and don't feel obligated to do something or be something different. He makes me feel so good about myself and we have a blast hanging out. I haven't ever really thought about what would happen if we didn't work out since we were such good friends for so many years before .. maybe because I truly believe we were meant to be together. When we met 6 years ago, it was instant attraction, and apparently we were supposed to wait all of those years until now, to be together. There are a few people in my life who disagree with my sudden relationship change. But things take time. I don't plan anymore. And I'm riding with the waves of life. This is what life has in store for me now, who knows what it will bring tomorrow. All I can ask is that those people support me and ride those waves by my side. We burned the pages of the past, and put a pen to the fresh, empty pages that lie ahead.

I wasn't planning on moving on so fast. I was actually really looking forward to being independent and on my own and living up the single life! I was excited for this new change of pace, but of course life had to throw something unexpected at me. again. But I'm not mad. I'm actually really really excited. I'm still feeling independent but with a person supporting me on my side. And I'm not making any plans still. I'm living one day at a time, looking forward to what this relationship is all about and just enjoying spending time together. It's funny because sometimes we don't even talk to each other in the car, but we still love every moment of it. Just being with each other makes us happy. It's really neat and fun and exhilerating and happy and yup. you get it.

I get to go to Duluth this weekend. And maybe the next. And then the next. Well that last one I'm going camping on a double date way up north. Brrr.  I can't wait. I love my life.

peace and love.

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