Friday, April 29

Square Sells

Square is a new app that accepts credit card swipes using Android, iPhone, or iPad. It's a fairly new product, so I haven't heard tons about it. But from what I have heard, it works great! A student in my class said her friend, who plays in a band, has been using it to sell merch for the past six months and has not had one problem yet. This is such a useful tool for small business owners, bands, craft salespeople, quilters, photographers, etc. Let's be honest, who really carries cash around anymore? At a concert, when I want merch, I usually only have a card to purchase with. And if the merch man tells me to get it off the website, I probably will not, only because I'm in the moment at the show and want the experience of purchasing a shirt from the band physically. Square helps sell products more efficiently and makes purchasing a lot more accessible.

peace and love.

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  1. My teacher Jan, showed us this in class. This is great for fast transactions at shows for merch.