Thursday, April 7

The Skyway

To me, the sky way is:
  • a tool for transportation, from my car to school and then back.
  • a source of exercise, where I walk 15 minutes, one way.
  • a business hub filled with corporations, and small gift shops.
  • a place to grab a bite when I'm in a hurry or have a long day.
  • a place where I get hit on at least 3 times a week and feel like an object most of the time.
  • a place where I see school friends pass and say 'hey.'
  • a place where I can catch up with friends outside of class, make plans, and find out more about people's lives.
  • a place where I get the only chance to talk to my man and family since I have class all day every day.
  • a place where the homeless approach and beg.
  • a place where people work out and get in some exercise during work breaks.
  • a place where little kids run into me because they are so excited to go to the Children's Museum.
  • a shelter from the rain, snow, cold, and wind.
  • a maze which I only know so much of and feel lost if I get outside of my normal path.

To a little girl yesterday, the sky way was
  • a castle.

peace and love.

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