Wednesday, April 27

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was awesome. Although, it was the weekend before finals ... so I was more focusing on what I had to get done rather than having fun, but it was still a good time. My brother and his fiance were able to spend it with us this year, so we had the whole gang home (including my two favorite nieces, my cousin, and his wife). Mom made a great ham-potato-asparagus-rolls-olives-buster bar desert meal, delicious as always. She always performed wonderfully in the church Easter program, singing a duet. After stuffing ourselves, we all went on a great big walk to lose some of those calories, prepare for desert, and tire out the pups a bit.

My great Easter gift!

We're so special.

Best fam ever.

Open water and green grass!

I like him.

peace and love.

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