Wednesday, April 27

Casino Night

A couple girls and I decided we needed to do something to celebrate us graduating and being done with our college years. We planned on going skydiving, but due to money reasons and height-fright reasons, we decided the casino would be the next best thing; especially since none of us had gone to one before. And what college graduate doesn't have extra money laying around to blow on gambling? I ended up losing $40, Jill lost $10, and Danielle took home $10 extra dollars. Beginners luck isn't for everyone, apparently. But it was still a blast and I would definitely go again ... maybe in 50 years when my loans are paid off and I have that extra money laying around again.  It was a struggle to get Jill out of there, as she discovered a gambling addiction. She kept pulling the lever, and Danielle had to finally push the 'cash-out' button for her.

peace and love.

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