Tuesday, March 1

Is Greplin The New Google?

19-year old, Daniel Gross, does not have a college degree. Yet, he has started a search engine that may overpower Google ... If that's even possible. Daniel is originally from Israel, who has become Y Combinator's youngest founder. He currently has almost $5 million in funding!

Greplin goes beyond Google, by letting you view everything that comes up with whatever you search, even password-protected information. When you go to www.greplin.com, you are asked to enter your e-mail and create a password. You then can give the database access to all of your social media sites. From there, you search. I allowed access to my Facebook and searched my name. It scared me right away, so I closed the tab. Then I reopened it and looked more at the information. It let me view not only people that I have talked to on Facebook, but the whole conversations. Including my inbox. I was afraid it would show this information to others, so I searched my boyfriend. Then I let out a sigh of relief. It only shows information that my facebook has access to ... so any messages, pictures, wall posts, etc. that only I have shared on my facebook with Chase. It's pretty neat because it gives a full history of pretty much every interaction you have had with someone. I then 'Greplined (?)' the word 'boy.' It gave me a list of a full search of the word 'boy' listed in facebook, again, only with my friends and the stuff that I have access to. It also categorized it into: Streams, Events, Files, Messages, and People.

I don't know why this would be useful to me ... maybe to see if any of my friends have mentioned my name to someone else on their facebook? Or maybe to search 'party' and see how eventful my life has been and has been 'invited' to be. Let's get real here people, Google will always rule the world. Well, at least for the next few years.

peace and love.

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  1. Interesting, but I agree with you that Google will always rule.