Wednesday, February 23

Block 'E' Gonna Be A High Roller

Block E sits in Minneapolis at the corner of First Avenue, 6th Street, and 7th Streets. It has restaurants, an AMC movie theater, Gameworks, Graves hotel (this hotel is absolutely amazing and I WILL stay here at some point in my life), and venues. However, since it has opened in 2002, the recession has taken its toll on the entertainment-district and Block E currently sits more than one-fourth empty. However, its developer, Bob Lux, has some plans up his sleeve that could potentially revamp the area. He is looking to bring a little Las Vegas magic to downtown Minneapolis by opening up a casino. Although there are still lots of secrets, as well as meetings taking place discussing the legality issues of opening up a casino in Minneapolis, which is obviously not on Indian territories.

I think this would be amazing. Although they would have to rewrite the state Constitution, if they got permission from the Indian tribes, this could really bring a lot of business to the downtown Minneapolis area. There has also been talk of other ventures as well such as other restaurants and retail options. They are looking to form an experience such as the Bellagio or Wynn in Las Vegas would give you. Graves, the owner of Graves hotel, said that he saw the plans and stated that the reconstruction would take place for everything on Block E except for the Graves hotel. And there are improvements such as an outdoor park with a possible amphitheater, and rooftop space.

The more places that we can enjoy music, entertainment, people, and fun, the happier this world will be. I mean, spending money is kind of a love-hate relationship. What girl doesn't like to dress up and look her best and what guy doesn't like to be on that girl's arm, spending all of his money on her, right? On a serious note though, I do think this would be a great way to revamp the downtown area ... maybe then I can actually find a reason to know my way around Minneapolis. Mr. Lux and the city of Minneapolis could probably care less about my opinion right now, but I say go for it!

peace and love.

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  1. along with bringing a native-run casino into a huge community you bring along a whole new population (culture in this aspect) of people. it would be thriving but knowing how natives have this "hierarchy" because they are "native" they would probably demand far more than minneapolis has financially for them

    you prvoked my thoughts ms kai