Wednesday, February 23

Apple's At It Again

You didn't think that Apple would release only one iPad, did you? Maybe you have bought one, and then sold it already, knowing that something bigger and better would be hitting the market. Welp, you've got it. The Apple iPad 2 is being unveiled on March 2nd. It's like its very own royal coming-out ball, and it will be ready to date. All I want to know if it's coincidence that iPad 2 is coming out on March 2nd? Of course, no one really knows what the new iPad will consist of, however here are the top 10 rumors that have been circulating throughout the Internets:

  1. There will be three versions of the iPad 2 (Why not two versions? It would make more sense). Likelihood of Happening: 85%
    1. One will be Wi-Fi only. 
    2. One will support Wi-Fi and the AT&T 3G technology
    3. One will support Wi-Fi and the Verizon 3G technology (Verizon is coming out with an iPad ... didn't see that coming. Yea. Right. If you are not aware, Verizon is a second-mover business. For example, Verizon was approached by Apple to come out with the first iPhone. However, Verizon stuck to its business model and passed the opportunity by, only to wait and see what happens with the product, and then make something better = Android and iPhone 4 (which I still don't have, yet))
  2. Front and back-facing camera                                                                                           Likelihood of Happening: 99%                                                                                                         So we won't ever have to get out of the house to see someone anymore.
  3. Slimmer, Lighter, and Retina display                                                                                            Likelihood of Happening: 99%                                                                                                   Well nobody would buy it if it looked exactly the same, right?
  4. Flat Back                                                                                                                               Likelihood of Happening: 40%                                                                                                  Only so you can spend more money if you already bought a custom-fit one for the first iPad. 
  5. Wide Range Speakers                                                                                                             Likelihood of Happening: 50%                                                                                                  Mini-vans are going to have to start coming out with iPad holders for kids to watch movies. 
  6. USB Port                                                                                                                                  Likelihood of Happening: 33%                                                                                                       To make it easier for file-sharing. Because that's not a problem these days.
  7. Dual-Core CPU                                                                                                                      Likelihood of Happening: 75%                                                                                                        Apple and the iPad can't be letting the Verizon Android beat their system.                             
  8. Non-Smudge Screen and Gyroscope                                                                                       Likelihood of Happening: 90%                                                                                                         It just make sense, yea?
  9. A 7-Inch Version                                                                                                                           Likelihood of Happening: 2%                                                                                                           Why is this rumor in the top 10 when it's only at 2%? Obviously not going to happen.
  10. Launch Date                                                                                                                             Since the Verizon iPhone has already been launched, it is very likely that the iPad 2 will be coming out sooner than later. Maybe even as soon as next month. 
I don't really see the purpose of an iPad yet. It's like a blown-up version of an iPhone, except you can't make land-line phone calls or calls to people without Facetime. Kind of reminds me of those blown-up versions of the Bible to help people out who have bad eye-sight. I mean, my computer is heavy. And last night I noticed the huge dent that has been permanently put in it. An iPad would be nice, with Wi-Fi, for a gps system, or finding random places in a town. Other than that, I wouldn't be able to get much done homework-wise, due to no mouse or keyboard. I mean, I could buy one, but then again I could also buy a computer that has everything already in it. I went over to my former work, The House Boardshop, and noticed they have gotten all techy and use iPads for viewing what they have in stock and showing people more options of products that aren't placed out in the showroom. Genius. No more having people crowd the cash register. So, if you're a business owner, I definitely see the purpose. However, I still have yet to be proven that an iPad would be a good purchase for a standard student or business person (like my mom).

peace and love.

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