Saturday, October 23

You Smell Reeeal Nice ...

Quick Update:
Two weekends ago, I went up past Duluth to Little Marais with the Mastel's and staying at this cute little cabin right on a cliff looking over the huuuge ocean. Okay, lake. But it's beautiful. I like seeing ships way out there. We slept in the living room and the whole wall was huge glass windows. You can't even comprehend the beautiful sunrises we witnessed. It was amazing. The weekend was filled with dancing under the stars to the rhythm of the waves on the rocks, falling asleep on a lighthouse water break all snuggled up under the warmth of the sun, 3 Nikons, and 1 canon.

Last weekend, Chase, Brad, Pam and I ventured off to the Boundary Waters. Upon arrival, we hiked 1/4 mile to the canoe site, filled up our two canoes with too much stuff, and paddled around the bend to our amazing campsite. Pam and I immediately set up the brand-spankin-new tent, scrounged for firewood, and got the fire blazing while the boys were off fishing (not catching) and trying to scare us in the woods. So we decided to get them back for their attempt at spooking us and we hid in the woods for about 45 minutes until they finally got the courage to admit they were nervous about us being gone for so long. The next day, we ventured off across the lake, portaged forever (okay, 10 feet), and found our way to the Indian picture drawings. So I asked the Indians to supply us with some food and they allowed me two good-sized northerns! I did catch three, just for the record, but the other was a small-mouth bass and did not compare to my first ginormous fish I caught. Chase paddled all day while I fished. It was great. I now love fishing and can NOT wait until I go again! The boys and Pam filleted the fish while I cooked up the rice, potatoes, and onions and we ate a feast. That night it got pretty chilly but I was all bundled up in my sleeping bag. I love not showering for 4 days. And eating nuts and raisins. And drinking hot tea right when I get out of the tent. And sleeping in my sleeping bag. And smelling like a bonfire for a week. I love camping.

peace and love.

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