Saturday, October 23


So I'm applying for ANOTHER internship. For THIS semester. I know, I know ... it's probably the last thing I should be doing with my life. And a lot of you are probably wondering how I'm going to fit another thing into my schedule. But it's just something I feel like I really want to do. I might be able to hang out when I'm done with school on May 1st. Call me then ...

It's a product photo internship for Fifth Element. Who knows if I have the skills to get it ... but you never know til you try. They want people with some experience taking pictures of products and models. So, obviously I'm going to ask the most gorgeous girl in the world if I can take a few snapshots of her. I wish I could show you all of the pics of her but there's way too many. Here's a preview of her beauty though ... Don't be too jealous. She's just perfect.

Please keep in mind that I have not touched one of these photos with editing. I am still in need of photoshop ... 

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