Monday, April 11

Wedding Grooves

Yea, you've probably seen this by now. But I just came across it again and love it. Makes me soo excited for weddings this summer. And especially, most importantly, my bro's wedding (which is in 5 months!!! .. minus two days). I can't freakin' wait. I can't wait to wear my gorgeous dress, or to get it fitted hopefully soon, or to be with all my brother's friends, or to be with all of my family, or because it's going to be the most beautiful wedding in the world, and because my sister and I are going to enjoy ourselves very much, and MOSTLY because my brother is marrying the most beautiful girl in the world and I can't wait to have an older sister. And then they can make babies and we will all live happily ever after.

And this will most likely happen at my wedding ... just cause it's exactly something I would do with my faja:

peace and love.

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