Sunday, March 20

Up! House Really Flies

I absolutely love Pixar movies. Love love love. I have no idea what it is, but they just seem to always be my favorite movies and I am always in the mood for them (besides Transformers, which are my most favorite movies ever). Maybe it's the captivating story lines, full adventure, or humor that catches all audiences. Or maybe just how cute they are and I wish I had a one-eyed green monster named Mike. Most of you have probably seen Up! by now. And this could be old news to you, but my life is so busy and cable-less that I am clueless when it comes to news-worthy stuff. I just keep up on things that interest me, which usually does not include politics or the government. Anyways, the Up! house has been recreated in real life and actually flies! People from National Geographic recreated a 16'x16' yellow house and was lifted off the ground with 300 weather balloons filled with helium, reaching 10 stories high from the bottom of the house to the top of the balloons. The house lifted up to 10,000 feet off the ground and flew for about one hour. I just hope nobody was actually in the flying house.

Is this the future of our world? We could go even more green and bring mother earth back to its natural self if we all elevated our homes off the ground and grew gardens underneath.

peace and love.

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