Thursday, March 24

Red Bull Music Academy At First Ave This Saturday!

Red Bull has a side-project called Red Bull Music Academy. It is an annual global event that travels the world celebrating all the journeys, breakthroughs, dreams, and intricacies that evolve the music of tomorrow.When attending the Red Bull Music Academy, producers, engineers, musicians, and DJ's undergo two weeks of workshops, recording sessions, lectures by musical luminaries, and unforgettable late night jams. (The next session is taking place in Tokyo this fall. For more info and to apply click HERE).

Red Bull Music Academy On The Floor places past Red Bull Music Academy lecturers and participants "on-the-floor" of local music venues to give local artists the opportunity to interact and learn about what is shaping music around the globe.

Red Bull Music Academy is presenting Dam Funk, Too Much Love's DJ Sovietpanda, and The Moongoons at First Ave in Minneapolis this Saturday! It is free cover with an RSVP, $1 with a college ID, and $3 for everyone else. Music will begin at 10 pm, lasting until 2 am in the Mainroom. To get free cover, RSVP HERE.

When I heard about this event, I obviously contacted the person who I knew would be in charge of it, asked if they needed any help, and offered my assistance in anything. He said they were pretty much covered, however there is a 'Discussion' with Dam Funk before the show at a different location, and he put me on the guest list to attend, and asked if I knew of any others who would be interested in attending. Due to limited spots, I can't invite everyone. So I had him put down Chase, and am now checking out to see the interest from students at my school.

I am so stoked. Pumped. This is awesome. sweet. gnarly. rad. epic. cool. fly. superb. wam-a-lam-a-ding-dong-ing. Saturday will be a good day.

peace and love.

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