Wednesday, March 23

6 Month Regulars

Today is my man's and my 6-month anniversary of dating. Not a huge deal, if you ask me, but it still is something to be proud of and just one more reason to tell each other why we love each other. Except I did ask Chase, and he couldn't come up with any thing. After a couple of minutes, he finally was able to explain that he just loves everything about me. Whatever. Not true. I know I'm hard to deal with sometimes. Okay, a lot of times. He's a strong man to put up with it and see the love all the way through. But I do love him. More than I have ever loved anyone before. It's awesome. We are perfect. So go puke now.

On Monday, Chase hung around so we both skipped classes and hung out, with plans to celebrate our six-month all day. However, it ended up with me making a big breakfast, Chase finally waking up at 1 pm, me going tanning, Chase taking a 2-hour nap, me coming home and showering, then Chase waking up and playing 'words with friends.' His new obsession. At least it's better than 'Stupid Birds.'

We did eventually get out of my apartment and head over to the mall to see Paul. Funny movie. I don't recommend paying for it, but definitely rent it, or download it, or watch it illegally online once it comes out. We then headed over to Wakame. Our ultimate favorite sushi restaurant. It has the BEST happy hour specials ... and is some of the most delicious sushi I have ever had. We were seated, order some drinks, and didn't get ID'd because, "I've seen both of your ID's before, what would you like?" OMG. We became regulars. YES! One more thing checked off on my bucket list. And as we were leaving we got, "see you guys in a week or two, yea?" Yes. Of course. Maybe even tomorrow.

It was the best 6-month anniversary I have ever had. Also, this upcoming weekend will be our first weekend that we haven't seen each other since we started dating. Think we can handle it? I hope so!

peace and love.

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