Thursday, March 3

New Lens = Me Go Crazy

I posted a week or so ago that I got a new camera lens ... well this is what I have done with that so far.

Obsessed with candy...
 Don't think I drink a lot. I don't. This just happened to be in our kitchen when I got the lens. And it's an amazing example of how sweet my new lens is.
Coolest wine bottle EVER.
 Sexy man.
 I made tater-tot hotdish. Haven't had it? I will make it for you any time.
 I had to make him a jar to store his chocolates when he visits. It keeps him from eating my roommate's chocolates.
 Again, great example of how sweet the lens is. Yes?
 I love those dark curls.
 Taken with my hair in front of the lens ... cool huh?
 And those blue eyes ...

 He's sponsored by Slingshot. No biggie ...

 I go there ...
 Duluth winter sun.

peace and love.

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