Tuesday, March 29

Flash Mob

This is freakin' sweet. And such an intelligent idea on so many levels.

  • Each dancer is one more person in your audience, making there be way more people in the crowd than maybe the band would have had otherwise.
  • I love dancing and love watching dancing and wish I was a dancer. So I like watching this. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  • It makes a cool video = good marketing.
  • Each of those dancers feel important being part of the performance. I bet this isn't the last show that they will attend. And they probably bought a shirt and all of the band's MP3's from iTunes.
  • It is amazing how they coordinated all of those people, and how they all know when to start dancing. The whole process was probably not the easiest thing to organize.
  • It makes me wonder when I am going to get to see a random flash mob in real life.
There are about 200 backup dancers that accompanied Allstar Weekend at LA's Hollywood & Highland Shopping Center. The dancers showcased the new changeable lids for Dell's Inspiron 15R laptop.
    peace and love.

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    1. It makes me wonder if it is just a ploy to get more people to the show. imagine if all those dancers hadn't have been there? There would have been hardly anyone there. Did the band bring in these people? You need to be more specific about these things...I love you