Monday, February 28

The Bachelor

Tonight, we find out who the bottom two are. That means that next week, Brad will propose to 'the one.' I'm obsessed. I have no idea why I watch this show ... Why I spend two hours worth of Hulu ads and girls crying, fighting, and trying to impress Brad. Maybe it's because I am trying to figure out if Brad really is as weird off TV as he seems on TV (I don't think I could ever accept a rose from him).  Or maybe it's just that I dream of myself doing those crazy helicopter, private island, flying to California for a wine-field dinner, watching fireworks from the top of a hotel in Las Vegas, personal concerts, kind of dates. Fortunately, my good friend who just moved to an apartment five minutes away from me saved me from my one-day-late Hulu viewing and I get to find out who the bottom two are with the rest of the world.

peace and love.

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