Thursday, December 16

Speeding to Winter Break

Red House threw me a surprise going away party today. Complete with Pizza Luce, champagne, and Summit beer. I sure am going to miss interning there. The people are amazing, the work is awesome, and I love helping those artists out. Their music is so down-to-earth and each one of the artists brings a little something different to the label that makes it so unique and successful. I'm glad I contributed my time to their company.

Picture this:
You're driving 70 miles per hour down the freeway and your car is on cruise control. You approach an upward hill and your car automatically kicks it into gear to get you up on top of the hill. As you approach the top of the hill, you feel like your car is being lunged forward and you so badly wish there was a jump right there to launch you into the air. And once you reach the top of the incline, you feel like you are a racecar driver, zooming so fast.

I love that feeling.

I also love coming into Duluth and once you pass the Spirit Mountain exit, you start to see the view from the big hill you're on. The ginormous city with all of its lights glowing below you. And you look up and there's tons of stars in the sky. Not as many as when you're outside of Duluth still. But, there's a lot more here than in St. Paul. The lake looks so eery. With the clouds floating above it and all of the lights shining on it. Sometimes, I imagine the Pirates of the Caribbean ship coming out of the mist. I wish ... Johnny Depp. Mmmmm. I do love my man though. He's awesome. And just cooked me an amazing dinner. Now, onto his birthday gifts and celebrations.

What a perfect way to begin a highly anticipated winter break.

peace and love.

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