Friday, November 12

Thank you Red House Records!!

I was sitting at my internship yesterday, Red House Records, when Ellen gets off the phone and was like "Kailee, did you just hear that?" I said, "No." She goes, "well apparently Willie Murphy (a Red House artist) is opening up for B. B. King tomorrow at the State Theatre and they are just deciding to tell us this NOW! And they have 10 tickets available to put on their guest list." haha. The Pines, another one of Red Houses's artists is playing tonight as well so most of the employees at Red House is going to that concert. So... she asked me if I wanted a ticket and a plus 1 and obviously I said yes. We're seeing B.B. King tonight!!!!! And there's a possibility of backstage passes!!

Thank you Red House Records!!

peace and love.

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  1. AWESOME CONCERT! So stoked right now on how hot you are and how sweet I am!