Tuesday, November 23

Fifth Element

As my Red House Records internship is coming to an end in a few weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to look into other stuff just so I can hopefully have a job waiting for me when I graduate. I'm not relying on internships to become a job but wouldn't that be great if that's the way it turned out .. ?! At least hook me up with SOMETHING! And .. it's great experience for whatever I end up doing. I saw a photography internship position at Fifth Element and applied thinking that I could do that on the side of all of the shtuff I have going on (I mentioned this internship a few weeks ago). I heard that they filled that position so contacted Fifth Element since I also saw that they were looking for some online promotions interns as well. My interest in the local Twin Cities hip-hop culture has been increasing so fast with this hip-hop class I'm taking in school that is taught by Toki Wright, and have recently done hip hop/Rhymesayers projects in different classes. I also listen a lot to Atmosphere & Brother Ali and love the hip-hop scene in the twin cities. I have been getting crazy about promotions and social media through my promotions & publicity class (I have to shout out to my teacher, Todd Walker, check him out on Fox 9 on Saturday and Sunday mornings) and my Red House internship. I have a huge itch and interest in social media and the power that it has on marketing and companies and I love coming up with new ideas to get people hyped. So I had my internship interview today at Fifth Element and I got it! I will be starting to learn the ropes next week and it will go through next semester. I will be doing online marketing and promotions (blog, social media, events, etc.) as well as photography stuff. Check out their site HERE as well as the label, Rhymesayers, that they work with HERE. Rhymesayers is the record label that Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Toki Wright, P.O.S., and many other artists that I love are on.

Here's Toki Wrights newest music video for his most recent album which came out in June 2009.

After all of this excitingness happened, my car decided to poop out on I-94 East. Dumb. Sat there for 2 hours with Laura while we waited for the tow truck. I suppose I deserve it. I have been talking crap about my car for the past two weeks. Karma.

peace and love.

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