Wednesday, August 25

Taste of Talent

Don't judge me. I know I can't play the piano or guitar that great. Buuut, I like music. The first song is  a song I wrote called "Epiphany of Love" that I wrote for that boy.  The second is a Christina Aguilera song called "Save Me From Myself." I worked on it this past semester in my voice lessons and sang it to that boy during our hard times mainly because they were all my fault.

On a side note, I'm kind of glad he moved away. It makes getting over him that much easier. I'm kind of feeling good about life again already. Yea, I know it will take some time. There's things I can't do or talk about or think about still. But I'm glad to be moving on and looking forward to finding more people to enjoy life with. 

peace and love.

1 comment:

  1. Kails,
    I really miss you!
    And these are wonderful :-)
    I don't believe anyone can judge a good voice.
    I decided to make a blog so it can just be about my life and things i discover without all those facebookers seeing !!
    much love to you sister
    miss you lots