Thursday, January 27

I'm Going To Explode

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening I have Business and Ethics. And after class I think I'm going to explode. I might explode just writing this post, telling you about it. Every single time I leave that class my heart is racing and I can't see straight. I feel like I am going to explode right there in the hallway, which would be very messy. I freakin' love that class SOO much! My teacher's name is Christian and, after three or four classes, we finally found out what he does. Or at least one of his jobs. I don't know if you knew this about my school, but you don't have to have a teaching degree to teach there. Actually, probably only 5% of the teachers actually have one. It's based on experience and how many years you have been doing what you are teaching. So Christian runs this company called noware. Check it out ... But that doesn't solve my curiosity about his life. He knows absolutely EVERYTHING. The entire class he's throwing out statistics, stories, numbers, showing us all different sorts of websites and people. I can't think about anything else for the whole hour and a half. My eyes and mind are glued on him and what he is saying. This is the first class where my mind doesn't wander for at least 5 minutes. We talk a lot about ethics but lately the class has been surrounded with social media and ethics. Social media is insane. Listen to this story:
There's a man who worked at my school. We will call him Joe. Joe was sitting at the Bulldog Cafe in downtown St. Paul, when he looked at his phone and saw a tweet from (I think) an owner of the visiting basketball team. We will call this owner Phil. Anyways, Phil had a lot of money. Phil lands at the airport and tweets about it: "Just landed in MSP airport and have a couple of hours .. what should I do?" Joe sees the tweet, and instantly tweets him back: "hey, I'm sitting at the Bulldog in St. Paul, come on by." Phil shows up, buys Joe drinks a lot and they become friends. Crazy? yea.
Next story:
So there's this man named Bill. Who knows if that's really his name. Bill graduates from Parsons, a very famous design school in New York and wants to get into this whole advertising world. All throughout his life at Parsons, there was this one main marketing and advertising company he wanted to work for. I can't remember the name, but it's a huge company. So, he goes on twitter and tweets this: "Anyone who tells the CEO of [company name] to get me a job, and I get one, I will give them $5. 10,000 tweets later to this CEO, Bill gets a job. Although he has to pay off $50,000 worth of tweets, he lands a job paying over $100,000. All because he understands the power of social media.

It's crazy. And it makes me crazy. I get so hyped about it. This is how I know that I want to work in promotions, advertising, online marketing ... whatever, when I graduate.

So my advice to you, get on twitter. and Facebook. and LinkedIn. and start a blog. and make an igoogle account with lots of RSS feeds. and make a flickr, and make your own website, and make your own hobby website. The more you can do, the more better you are than Nelly Nancy who is still trying to figure out how to change her status on Facebook.

peace and love.

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